Firebase Status Dashboard

This page provides status information on the services that are part of Firebase. Check back here to view the current status of the services listed below. If you are experiencing an issue not listed here, please contact Support. Learn more about what's posted on the dashboard in this FAQ. For additional information on these services, please visit


For incidents related to Cloud Functions, Cloud Firestore and Cloud Storage, please see Cloud Status Dashboard. And for incidents related to Google Analytics, please see Ads Status Dashboard.

All incidents reported for Console


Summary Date Duration
Users are unable to view a complete list of their Firebase projects on the Firebase console 24 Apr 2024
1 hour, 14 minutes
Analytics usage reports on Firebase Console may not render 19 Mar 2024
4 hours, 21 minutes
Firebase Console Usage and Billing page is experiencing delays loading data. 10 Jan 2024
1 day, 19 hours


Summary Date Duration
Projects not loading intermittently in Firebase Console due to inability to resolve GetProjectIdMapping reliably, south-east most affected 25 Jul 2023
1 hour, 12 minutes


Summary Date Duration
We are investigating an issue where a Google Analytics account can not be created during Firebase project creation and fails the project creation process. 13 Oct 2022
4 days, 6 hours
Customers may encounter timeout errors when creating a Firebase project. 15 Jul 2022
6 hours, 40 minutes
Users may encounter intermittent error when loading Firebase Console 12 Jan 2022
1 hour, 48 minutes


Summary Date Duration
Global: Unable to edit or duplicate FIAM campaigns in Firebase Console 1 Nov 2021
3 hours, 16 minutes
Internal errors during upgrade Google Analytics to GA4. 27 Oct 2021
5 hours, 52 minutes
Global: Installing Firebase extensions with secrets is causing server crashes 25 Oct 2021
55 minutes
Elevated latency when loading the Usage and Billing page within the Firebase Console 19 Oct 2021
1 hour, 8 minutes
Global: Firebase email and in-console alerts may be delayed. Mitigation underway. 6 Oct 2021
1 day, 19 hours
Firebase Hosting UI was failing to load for some users. Navigating into Firebase Hosting via the console is resolved, but affected users might still see a "Verify" button in the Firebase Hosting console. While the domain might look like it's not verified, hosted content serving should not be affected. Clicking on the "Verify" button is suggested to restore the Firebase Hosting UI to the correct state. 24 Feb 2021
4 hours, 21 minutes


Summary Date Duration
Intermittent errors in Firebase Console when adding or modifying billing plans 13 Nov 2020
2 hours, 55 minutes
We've received a report of an issue with Firebase Console. 8 Apr 2020
2 hours, 50 minutes
Firebase console usage page experienced load failures. 5 Feb 2020
4 hours, 37 minutes
Issues with enabling Cloud Firestore via Firebase console on new projects 5 Feb 2020
1 hour, 41 minutes


Summary Date Duration
We've received a report of an issue with Firebase Console. 11 Nov 2019
1 hour, 33 minutes
We've received a report of an issue with Firebase Console. 12 Sep 2019
1 hour, 6 minutes